The Brutal Sports MOBA: Charge, Crush and Score

Horns of Justice

Play the brutal ball sport where death is the only referee. Master your weapons, spells and tactics to become the ultimate player in the deadliest tournament in history. Play Campaign for a storyline unique to MOBA’s or dish it out in Online Multiplayer


Take possession of the ball to charge your ultimate ability. Then use it to unleash a devastating attack!


Use a wide range of abilities and melee weapons to crush your opponents in the game where only one thing counts: Victory!


Score a goal for the team, or pass the ball to team-mates to let them score and show the world you are the only true master.


Get to know Horns of Justice’s universe by playing through the single player’s tournament, guided by a branching storyline where your decisions affect the outcome.

Online Multiplayer

Create a team, choose a class and climb the leaderboards to show the world who is the absolute master of all skills. Play in multiplayer to lead your team to victory with speed, smarts or just good old blunt trauma.

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