May 31 2021

Horns of Justice Alpha Release!

Hey everyone! We are excited to bring you the Horns of Justice alpha version. This version contains a large part of the singleplayer campaign, a lobby system for multiplayer matches and many, many overall improvements.

Bear in mind that this still is an early version of the game, much is not yet representative of the final product.

Nevertheless we are eager to hear what you think! Let us know your comments or feedback on our Discord or one of the other channels.

We hope to see you on the sands of the arena!

Horns of Justice alpha (v0.7.0)

  • Massive update for the singleplayer mode: additional story chapters, extra functionality, extra bits of story that help you to further explore the world of Horns of Justice.
  • A custom lobby system for the multiplayer: Play together more easily with your friends, create your own teams and fill up empty spots with bots.
  • Improved many of the in-game visuals: ability effects, targeting indicators, character portraits, turret animations and effects and much more.
  • Improved sound effects, music and additional voice-overs.
  • Many, many small tweaks, improvements and bugfixes.

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March 16 2021

A subreddit has been created for Horns of Justice! Join us here: HornsOfJustice

March 13 2021

The pre-alpha has launched!!

This is the pre-alpha release of Horns of Justice. The game isn’t finished yet but we would like to test the waters with you. Visit our Steam store page┬áto join in, have fun and let us know how we are doing. We appreciate your help in making Horns of Justice reach its full potential.